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The “E-Buddy System” is a mentorship program which consists of a mentor and a mentee who will interact with each other in various ways during the first

academic semester. The main objective is to create a sense of community and fellowship between students. Mentors not only will share their experiences, but also will give mentees any type of advice they could need such as how can they succeed in academics and make the transition from high-school easier. 


The relationship among the mentors and mentees formally last 4 months. However, the purpose is that students build a friendship that lasts during their whole time in the university and even longer.

E-buddy System Activities

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The E-buddy team organizes different activities along the semester, with the objective of offering students a space where they can get to know each other and

help them have an enjoyable experience at ESADE.


Many activities are organized including networking sessions, team-building activities, parties, sports

events, etc.


This year edition will include the Happy System which consists of different mini-clubs such as reading club, sport club, social club, etc. By the time classes start, all the mentees and mentors will have a calendar with all the dates on which these activities will take place.




The mentee must show its interest in the project by performing the following


Ask your mentor any question or doubt you may have regarding student life in ESADE, Barcelona or Sant Cugat.

Attend all social gatherings and activities organized by the E-Buddy staff (the activities’ calendar will be sent in a separate document).


Follow-up with your mentor, let him/her know how are you doing with classes, invite him/her to meet and spend some time together and remind him/her of upcoming events.

The mentor’s role will be to act as a counselor for his/her mentee(s), he/she will

never serve as an academic tutor. The mentor must comply with the following

responsibilities, but is never limited to them

Contact your mentee as soon as the E-Buddy staff shares with you their contact information. 

Answer any doubt the mentee may have related to how the student life develops in ESADE (e.g. which classes are difficult, how to join an association, how does the cafeteria’s lunch program work, what is the

Campus Party, etc.). If the mentor does not know the answer, he/she must refer the mentee to the person that may have it.

Answer any doubt the mentee may have related to how life develops in Sant Cugat or Barcelona (e.g. how does the public transport work, which supermarket is good, how does the night scene develop in Barcelona).

Help the mentee adapt to the ESADE culture and to the day-to-day life on campus.

Provide support and create a welcoming experience for your mentee.


Attend all social gatherings and activities organized by the E-Buddy staff (the activities’ calendar will be sent in a separate document).


Follow-up with your mentee, ask how he/she is doing with classes, invite them to meet and spend some time together, remind them of upcoming events.

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What Happy

ESADE Students say

"Ebuddy was a wonderful experience that allowed me to meet many amazing people. In first year, I had a great mentor who helped me settle in at ESADE. We had lots of fun together, going out, meeting each other’s friends and playing football. In second year, I had the opportunity to mentor someone and likewise, it was an amazing experience. I helped him settle in and we met up on several occasions for dinner and other activities. I would definitely recommend Ebuddy to everyone at ESADE! It’s a great way to make friends. 

- Antoine, 3rd-year BBA 

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